Welcome to Dating Review Council, where we have real reviews of the top dating sites out there. We have gathered different information from various reliable sources and conducted several studies for ourselves. This is how we were able to come up with reliable and trustworthy reviews about dating sites that we commonly hear today. Interestingly, even the most renowned dating sites that people would visit do not even fall to the satisfactory level that every individual seek.

Online Dating is the New Trend in Finding “The One”

Knowing people who found love on the internet is common. You may have heard love stories on the internet as well as sweet and enduring narratives about finding true love online on TV shows. Love stories filled with romance and burning desires are commonly heard from those who tried the interesting world of online dating.

Every day, thousands would come and register on dating sites just to try to find the one that will complete their very person. We often hear people satisfied with the services that they received and indeed found love online. However, due to the fact that this is a growing business today, there are people who also want to take advantage of this for personal gain. This is the reason why you should be vigilant when choosing which dating site to choose.

Not all Dating Sites Are Real

Almost all dating sites out there claim to be the best. These sites pride of being number one in the field of online dating. However, we have to admit that most of these dating sites contain just hype on their words on no reality. This is the reason why we have created this site to show and compare the top dating sites that we have here today.

Considering that there are thousands of dating sites out there, some still fall short of satisfactory due to several factors. Some may be due to the fact that they are not able to provide satisfactory outcome or are just plain scams, a front for pornographic activities that are rampant today. Dating Review Council carefully gathered valuable information about these sites and even tried the services that they offer. The results are shocking since you will be surprised which dating sites are legitimate from the ones that are plain old scams.

Can that Dating Site Satisfy your Need?

There are some dating sites, still, that may appear to be real, but could not satisfy the needs of their members. There are several factors to be considered, which is the reason why a dating site fails to live on its purpose.

Technically, websites just have a friendly layout. All elements have to be one and should be able to work for the benefit of its users. This may include the links as well as the search options that are displayed on the site. Though these are the basic things that dating sites should know already, there are still dating sites that fail to comply with this requirement.

Another reason why some dating sites fail to gain our favor is due to the fact that most of their members are either spammers and scammers. Yes, SEO is popular right now and there are people who just want to get into your website to add links to the sites they promote. Worst is that, there are scammers out there who deliberately want to get a piece of you and your wealth.

Still, this is a common problem of most dating sites and that is the fact that there are a lot more male members than females. This problem has confronted almost all dating sites and this factor is important since here lie the chances of a man meeting up with someone.

We have gathered the Top Dating Sites for you to join and the ones you should avoid

On our list are some of the well-known sites around the world that we hear online and offline. At first, you might think that the sites that you know are the best, but you might just be wrong about that since it turns out, some sites that are renowned were only put to fame due to effective ads. In reality, there are really great sites out there that you ought to change.

Explore the amazing world of online dating and know more about how to win a woman’s heart with the effective dating tips and tactics that we have for you. Our very own resident online dating guru gathered the most effective tips to win the heart of that person you are dating online.

Enjoy exploring the top dating sites which we approve since we guarantee you satisfaction with every search that you make. To make your endeavors of finding the one even more fruitful, you may even join all dating sites that we posted in the positive reviews.

Beware, though, of the dating sites that we asked you to avoid. Yes, learn from our team’s experience and avoid these dating sites for good. They are not only falling short in our favor, but prove to be either a scam or simply could produce no real results that you will definitely want to have. Don’t waste your time on crap!

Online Dating On A Whole New Level

In the age of technology, we can say that things have changed and we can definitely look at love on a whole new level. It has given us the opportunity to communicate with others freely and get to know others better. It is definitely an opportunity that you shouldn’t miss and that you should immediately try these online services right now.

Dating Review Council Aims to share knowledge about dating sites which we know will help a lot of people yearning for love and are interested in finding it online. We guarantee you that you will never fail in your endeavor and will get to meet the right person that you have been looking for your entire life. So waste no minute and read more about our reviews on the top dating sites and don’t forget to try them yourself.

Tips for Online Dating

Make Someone Fall In love With You Online

Obviously, before you make someone fall in love with you online, you have to join an online dating website, right? Anyways, these dating sites have made meeting people a lot easier than scouting for potential dates in real life. Thousands if not millions of people are engaged in this kind of dating scene because of the numerous advantages it offers. And believe it or not, love exists online. More and more people have found their one true love through this avenue, some even progresses to a more meaningful relationship leading to marriage and long term commitment.

The question now is how …

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Spice Up Your Sex Life

In a relationship, people can get complacent after quite some time. It is a normal occurrence, especially to those who are together for a long time. Everything becomes a routine, even sex feels like it is just something you have to do. It is nice to have a few tips and tricks up your sleeve to make your relationship better, but it is also crucial to reconnect sexually with your partner. You have to take control and know ways how to spice up your sex life. Would you love to get that passionate fire burning again? Read on.

Reconnect with Yourself …

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Back to a Wonderful Date

Many lovers tend to get tired of the classical way of dating. You know the usual coffee, dinner and movie date. These become so monotonous that it is no longer exciting, which may cause your relationship to be stuck in a rut. Finding new ways to spend time together is very salient at this point. Bring back the spark when you had your first date by going out of the routine and find diversified activities you and your loved one can do.

New date ideas can only take you by far, but it’s the effort and connection between the both of …

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Sex is Great, but With Its Benefits Sex is Awesome!

Admittedly, sex is really great! Why has else so many people got into trouble and spending so much time just to get it? Most of you don’t know that the best part of having sex is not only the orgasm perse, but you can get considerable physiological and psychological benefits by engaging in it on a regular basis. Backed by quantitative and qualitative research, the benefits are described below.

1. Immunobooster

During sex, IgA (Immunoglobulin A), a specific type of antibody drastically increases. This actually prevents you from catching common colds, flu and other various infections. Studies show that people who engages …

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Desperation – A NO NO in Online Dating

Confident, fearless, amazing – these are the traits show that you have your life together. Women who are responsible, can support themselves and more importantly, do not depend upon a man in order to live, are the characteristics that most men are looking for today. These are the types that men chase after and not the other way around.

However, in the online dating world, as much as women want to project this impression they are unaware that they appear needy and extremely desperate as if only a man can fulfill their happiness. Try reading between the lines, women who have …

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Cougar Dating – The Boytoy Trend

Why is that when older men date ladies who are a decade or even younger than them, it’s perfectly okay, but when women do this kind of thing, it seems like it is a taboo in the society? I just don’t get it. One way that will benefit us all is to shake off all prejudices we were raised with and break out of the censoring beliefs brought by society. There is no absolute reason why women should not date younger men. After all, age doesn’t matter, right?


The use of the term ‘cougar’ to describe an older woman prowling …

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Tired Dating the Usual Type of Guys? Date a Geek!

Dating is a way for two people to get together and assess whether they are compatible to each other, and can have a relationship beyond the level of friendship. But what the heck is happening in this world, it seems that you cannot find someone decent enough to share intimacy with. Most guys today tend to be conceited and a lot vainer than girls. Crazy, but true.

If you dated these types of guys, I know you will agree with me that they love talking about themselves, and always have one eye on their reflection. They believe that they have it …

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Online Dating: Don’t Get Catfished!

Online dating is a modern way to meet other people and more and more individuals have found success in finding their true love. You may have heard a lot of love story that started online, which can be quite unbelievable at first. But these kinds of romance do happen, they actually really exist. Online dating is undoubtedly an exceptional way to meet awesome people that share common interests. If and only IF, you are not Catfished.

So what is a Catfish?

The “Catfish“phenomenon rooted from an extraordinary 2010 documentary that resulted in a sensational TV show. And No, it is not the …

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Love – Mr. Cupid Strikes Online

“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind. And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.”

~William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare defines love exquisitely and yet so deeply. Love should not be seen through the eyes, but through the mind. Nowadays, people who have met their soul mates online can definitely relate to this. Most of them fell in love and have a deeper connection before their relationship progresses in ‘real life’. Could there be a magical correlation between Shakespeare’s writings and the internet? Perhaps the romantic poet saw what’s coming, that someday love can be found …

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Recently Single? Take the Plunge to Online Dating

Love can be comical. One time you are happy in a relationship and the next time you know, you are single. Don’t worry, you are not the only one who went through this kind of circumstances, and certainly not the last. You don’t have to dwell on a lost love because a new love is waiting for you online, who knows this might be for eternity? Anyways, now that you are single and ready to mingle, why not try online dating? This is an exciting new way to start a fresh relationship.

….now that you are single and ready to …

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